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April 26, 2010
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The Master to his apartment home for a short time while arrangements for his wedding was being made, and setting up his own veterinary practice. His fiancee Cris had taken Ratso to her home so that her future mother in law would not be terrified by their new pet. None of the Master's appliances were bothered by returning to face the "new technology". They did not care about seeing them either. They had spent seven years with the "new technology" at the college campus, and were not nearly as intimidated. The Master's mother happily greeted her son as he returned to his city home.

"Do you still have the sweater I sent you for Christmas?" The Master's mother called as the Master set his appliances on the coffee table. He set out the lamp, toaster, and radio, and neatly folded the blanket, the parked the vacuum next to the table. "Yes, ma!" The Master rolled his eyes with a smile. "Say, Ma." Rob began. "Do you happen to still have that wedding china from when you and dad got married?" He asked. "Why yes, I..." The Master's mother gasped. "Robbie!" The Master yelped. "I told you she'd do that." Kirby said sharply to Toaster. "I never agreed or declined." Toaster said. "I bet that in three minutes, all the family's wedding pictures will be scattered across the table and the Master will be in a coma from boredom!" Radio said.  There was some noise behind them. They slowly turned and saw the Master's parents' appliances gathering behind them with the computer at the head. "Hello, old ones." He said. "Uh...hi." Toaster smiled uncomfortably. "We'd like to apologize for the way we acted when you's first came!" The purple lamp said. Lampy cast a scowl at him. "That still doesn't excuse you for what you did!" He said. A blue stereo crept behind Radio and trapped him between himself, Lampy, and his speakers. "WOAH!" Radio exclaimed and backed into Lampy. "Hey, who's the bigshot!?" He demanded. "Radio, calm down." Toaster waved his arms downward.   

"I hear you run on cathode tubes!" The stereo hissed. "How old fashioned." He smirked. "I wonder how long it'll be before it dies out." He said. "Actually, I just got a brand new one!" Radio shot back. "Is that so, Small-Plug?" The stereo taunted. "Hey, you leave him alone!" Lampy shouted at the stereo, hopping in front of Radio, who's antenna dropped to the floor in complete confused bewilderment. Toaster and Blanket gasped as well, and Kirby's eyes widened with astonishment. "What's going on with that lamp?" He asked to himself. "Is his bulb screwed in too tight?" Lampy leaned over the table at him. "My bulb's fine!" He snapped. "And what gives you old-timer the right to tell me to back off?" The stereo asked. "Because lamps don't outdate, Mr. I'm-newer-so-I'm-better!" He shouted, casting hard glances at the other lamps in the apartment. "You could find a lamp from BEFORE my time and still find it in perfect working order, and fitting in with all the "advanced" technology" He pointed his plug at the tall three-bulbed lamp. "And I'm smarter than all of you!" He said snarly. Plugsy laughed. "I bet you'll say you survived being a lightning rod next!" He said. "Actually, I DID! Broke my bulb, frayed my cord, burned myself and everything!" Lampy got in the newer lamp's face. "So beat it!" The purple lamp backed away. "If you say so." The stereo rolled his eyes and hopped back to his wall. The rest of the newer appliances went back from where they came from, but the computer continued to eye the 'old ones'.  "Are you okay, Radio?" Lampy asked, tapping Radio gently. "Who are you and what have you done with Lampy?" Radio lifted his antenna slightly. "Yeah. What's gotten into you?" Kirby asked. Blanket hid his face under his folds during Lampy's outburst. "You've been acting really weird since the Master graduated." He said. Lampy hopped over to the blanket and carefully unfolded Blanket. "I'm just trying to stop the problems before they happen, Blanket." He said with a smile. "That's really weird, Lamps. That's really weird." Radio stepped backwards until he fell off the table. Kirby shouted as the radio fell off with a yelp. The other three looked off the table to see that Radio had landed on Kirby's face. "I'm lucky I didn't dent!" The Radio exclaimed. Behind them, the Computer snickered. "SOCK IT!" Lampy spun backwards and pointed his plug at the computer. "Oh yeah...something's wrong." Toaster shook his head as Lampy shouted at the Computer.

Later on

The city lights gleamed like diamonds in the night. For the rest of the day, the "new technology" had given the old ones a wide berth, simply from being impressed by the Lamp's outburst. The Radio sat on the living room coffee table, facing the window. He was sleeping soundly, undisturbed by a siren blaring on the street. But he was disturbed by something thudding next to him. "What?!" He shot awake and looked beside him. "Oh, it's you, Lamps!" Radio said. "Hi, Radio." Lampy smiled. "What brings you up here?" Radio asked. Lampy shrugged. "Dunno." He said. "You've been acting...I don't know...different since we got into the apartment." Radio said. "Someone's got to show those creeps who's the boss." Lampy held his head up proudly. "I figured Kirby would be the one for that." Radio replied. "Well, he can't be the big tough one all the time, can he?" Lampy asked. "Yeah, that's true." Radio agreed, nodding. They sat in silence, staring out the window.

"You're a big hero, Radio." Lampy broke the quietness. "You saved everyone!" He said. "I know that." Radio said proudly. "But I didn't know I was going to come back!" He stood proudly and shot his antenna into the air. "But I did anyway! I'm an invincible radio! Not even the icy wind of the North can keep me down!" He swung his antenna like a sword and almost hit Lampy. "Sorry, pal." He said. "That's alright," Lampy replied. "Well, that's weird." Radio said. "Why?" Lampy asked after a confused pause. "The last time I almost damaged you was when I dropped you from the window at the Master's dorm room." Radio responded. "You weren't too happy with it." He continued. "Well, while you were gone, I did some thinking, and I really don't feel like being mad at you right now." He said. Radio titled. "Enlighten me." He said. "Well, Radio, I felt a glow...while you were gone." Lampy lowered his voice to a soft, modest whisper. "Obviously, I'm not a lamp, Lampy, so I really don't understand what you're saying." Radio said, unimpressed. "And I'm obviously not a radio." Lampy rolled his eyes. He scratched his head with his plug thoughtfully. "But um, what's it like to reach a really</b> clear radio wave?" He asked. "Now you're talking!" Radio exclaimed with a bounce. "You had a really good feeling that you just couldn't get rid of!" He said. "Yeah, like that!" Lampy grinned. "So, uh, what was the source of that 'glow'?" Lampy looked out the window and smiled at the Radio affectionately.

"I missed you, Radio." He said softly. "I bet all of you did! I'm a missable fellow!" Radio proclaimed. "No, Radio. I missed you." Lampy said firmly. "There's a difference!" Radio's antenna dropped. "Okay..." He said awkwardly. "That's-hey!" Before he could say another word, Lampy wrapped his cord around Radio, wound his neck and dropped his head against his side, hugging him tightly all at once. "Woah, Lamps!" Radio flinched in alarm. "Uh-h-h..." Radio patted Lampy's head with his antenna. "Yeah...uh...this is really weird." He said uncomfortably. "I am waking you up at four in the morning for this!" Radio shouted. "It IS four in the morning." Lampy hugged him tighter. "Curses." Radio grumbled, dropping his antenna over the Lamp's neck. He sighed and looped it around. "If it'll get you away..." He said, wrapping his cord around Lampy's snout and allowed the lamp's cord to wrap all the way around him.

On the kitchen counter, near the living room, Toaster shifted awake, hearing Kirby snore loudly against the wall. Knowing the source of the sound, he looked over to look at Radio, and saw him entangled in the Lamp's twisted embrace. Toaster was amazed at first, but then he realized why Lampy had been so protective of Radio earlier that day. The lamp had not been able to talk with his best friend privately since he had come back to life, and he had been trying to ensure that he had the chance without being disturbed by anyone. He remembered how upset the lamp had been on that early morning before Radio's new tube was installed.  It was not much later than now. Satisfied that the Lamp really was fine, he settled back to sleep.   

Radio slowly slipped his cord away and glanced at Lampy quickly. "Hey, how'd you know the time?" He asked, hoping it would distract the lamp. "The clock I was next to." Lampy replied, placing his head a top Radio, and pointed to the small cabinet next to the couch, where a digital clock sat. "Look, Lamps, I appreciate that you were worried, but this is taking it a bit too far!" Radio exclaimed, jerking suddenly.  Lampy smiled and uncurled from him. "I'll see you at six, Radio." He said, hopping across the floor, onto the couch, then next to the clock. Before freezing to his inanimate form, he smiled fondly at the Radio. Once he was sure that the lamp was asleep, the Radio flinched and his antenna bent jaggedly. "I've said it once, and I'll say it again, that lamp is getting WEIRD!" He exclaimed. Within a short time, ambulance sirens and barking dogs broke the silence. Radio turned back to look at the lamp, and saw the digital clock staring at him. The clock snickered, and bent her antenna over her top, almost as a salute, then blinking one of her lights, like a wink. "Uh...thanks?" Radio asked. He turned back and reflected on how the Lamp had acted. It seemed that Lampy really seemed to care that something had happened to him, despite their disputes earlier in life, especially at the cabin. Radio looked at his cord, remembering that in the middle of a morning chase, Lampy had fallen off the stairs and hit him. As they tumbled to the floor, their cords became entangled, and it took several hours to separate them. "Heh." He chuckled, looking back at the lamp. "Now that's what I call a clear radio wave."      
The am-big-uously gay du-o!...Kindaaa. It's your choice of "to slash or not to slash" again :XD: . I find it extremely funny that my first REAL slash/not slash is between things that you shouldn't either way XD .

I personally think this one is sweet, despite the feeling that the ending is not tied up very well. But I like the digital clock XD ! I may have to use her again some time =P

Characters (C) Disney
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WildHorsesProductify Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:clapping: very nice indeed
DarkwingSnark Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL....I kinda want to use the "I bet all of you did! I'm a missable fellow!" line someday. like in an ordinary conversation.

I thought this was really sweet, and really did fit the feel of the movie. :)
Bat-Snake Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad you think so =3

For some reason, a lot of people like that line.
"I bet all of you did! I'm a missable fellow!" Hah! Radio! This is why I love you.

This was adorrrrable! So Cute! And I love how Lampy is being so cute and sweet and obvious and Radio's just like, 'uhh...' Ahah, it was fun!
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