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Behold my strange range of art! From snakes, to the Animals of Farthing Wood and AdderXSinuous, to "Bone" and its Rat Creatures, to photos of my critters, to random fanart and giftart.

For snakes, quiche, and happiness!

Random Favourites

Favorites. Stuff I liked. Drawn by friends and other people. I think you can work out what 'favorites' are.
Well, I haven't updated in forever. Let's boogie.

I'm starting my last semester of college before I get my Associate of Arts, and I'm about to finish up raising three Christmas kittens.

Writing is being boggling, especially for Dalek 42, and my latest idea Skarosean Charity. Skarosean Charity takes place a few hundred years after the Daleks fail to release new- radiation on Skaro. The new generation of Daleks, wherever they came from, are developing the ability to leave their city. One of the testers strays too far and collapses. It is abandoned for dead, but is rescued and cared for weeks later by a Thal woman named Ferja. Trouble seizes when the Dalek returns to Ferja after it has recovered and been reunited with its own kind.

I basically just have the structure of the story, but not nearly enough characters to carry it. Especially the other Thals. I need more Thals! The best next I have in mind is Ferja's best friend Alet, but besides that, there's not much else. Specifically, I need

* The leader of Ferja's band
* The father(s??? Three at the most???) of Ferja's unsuccessful children. They are not her lovers. They're just baby daddies and her friends. In my mind, Ferja is a lesbian, but that is not focused on at all or just softly implied by the narrative. It's not really her first priority, but she knows that she feels more inclined toward other women as a whole. 
* Other men besides him/them
* Other women that Ferja associates with besides Alet. Not romantic interests, relating to the note above.
* Very few children, more young than older. Probably between four to six teenagers in Ferja's band. This is a point on Skaro where the radiation says "Oh, so you want to have children? Hahaha, well too bad!" and great struggle was had by all.

I'm holding out an idea bucket. I'll take whatever is offered.

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Katie Kunkler
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Shh! You hear that? Those are the gears in my head turning!


42 Things by Bat-Snake
42 Things
Some experimental sketches for the long-absent Number 42, as well as non-canon human-Dalek forms by :icondalekmercy: . She'd be a teeny tiny little thing.

Also some experimenting with her human mate hallucination, inspired by James Cordon (:heart:) with human-Dalek and regular Dalek. And their baby.
Stupid Sexy Dalek X by Bat-Snake
Stupid Sexy Dalek X
Hey, I...don't think that's how you wrap a sling...and that Heir baby is...really tiny. Where'd he get the host body from anyway? That's tiny preemie size. Then again, I might be forgetting that newborns are tiny anyway...

My hand slipped and I drew :icondalekmercy:'s Dalek X more. Because damn it, her human-Dalek design is so much better on the show *slams fist on table*. Also, her human-Dalek Inquisitor General is awesome. It was originally just supposed to be the top left, but then my thoughts started running off the wall. I'd also forgotten that there was a scar on his chest the last time I drew him.

It spun into realizing the massive difference between a universe in which Dalek X never mutates himself and his Heir, and one where they do mutate. At least normal!Dalek X can have some discretion in that he can deny affection for his offspring, and be taken seriously. Of course, he even denies it to himself, though knowing he does have affection and completely and utterly rues it.

The human form, being part human and all, probably has to contort hard to hide it. Like I have to contort to figure out all this while keeping him in character. It's not easy. The struggle is made more difficult by the fact that no one seems to know how to knock, or at least announce their presence. Fortunately, even in an infant's body, the Heir retains a good portion of Dalek intellect and is able to play it cool should the need arise...though it lost its sense of object permanence. Which is a situation for another day.

It's the difference between "The Overseer does not know that my Heir is accompanying me." and "Overseer, you did not see anything! This never happened!"

I need to work on the Heir as an adult...

References :iconjasonaaronbaca: :iconchenoasart-stock:
Design :icondalekmercy:
Dalek Overseer :iconjace-san:
Stupid sexy Flanders...
40th Century Harlequin Romance Novel by Bat-Snake
40th Century Harlequin Romance Novel
Humanity might be at war with the Daleks in the late 40th century, but does it stop bored housewives from self-publishing single-draft romance novels in which a dull and insipid lead falls in love with a dangerous but handsome creature who could put an eye out with his muscly chest? Nope.

This particular feature is the Fifty Shades of Gray of its time. The controversy over this model is if little miss Lurken's head was in the right place, since this pretty much puts a big target on her for the real Daleks to go after. (What they don't know is that the Daleks DO know about the book...they just don't think its worth their while to put a bunch of time and energy into eliminating the author.) Surprisingly, the romantic leads have a healthy relationship in spite of the issue of the 20th Century Vampire syndrome on...I dunno, I just call him Dalek Fabio. I mean, come…
The actual writing and grammar is terrible, both leads are idiots, and passages are read by entertainers and comedians throughout the world. 

I decided to make our leading lady a WOC because I thought it would look nicer...but once I colored in Dalek Fabio, I started to notice they looked like Goliath and Elisa Marza in Gargoyles. So...yeah, I guess that's another good grounding point on what the relationship of Fabio and his human is like. 

From looking at classic romance novel covers, I tried to give the leading lady that...crazy curly frizzy thing that was being done in the 1980's, but the flat hair of the reference looked better.

The author's name is a parody of my own, because I am highly guilty of writing Daleks in intimate relationships.

Original reference <da:thumb id="309836094">
Time Controller: Hand of Taunting by Bat-Snake
Time Controller: Hand of Taunting
[Failed Manos: Hands of Fate jab has failed]

The very, very rare occasion that the Dalek Time Controller has nothing better to do. It's not productive to pick on Dalek X on Hurala, but it fills a few minutes before going on to the next thing.

Happy birthday :icondalekmercy: :) . Have a great day!

Designs of these Daleks go to her as well.

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