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Behold my strange range of art! From snakes, to the Animals of Farthing Wood and AdderXSinuous, to "Bone" and its Rat Creatures, to photos of my critters, to random fanart and giftart.

For snakes, quiche, and happiness!

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Favorites. Stuff I liked. Drawn by friends and other people. I think you can work out what 'favorites' are.
On Monday, I started to take care of a newborn kitten that was separated from his mother. Unfortunately, this evening, he went into a rapid downhill decline, and I watched him die, time of death at 10:45 PM (central).

It was the worst thing I've ever watched.

When raising kittens this small, it's a bit of a crapshoot. Usually they just don't make it no matter how much you try. Next time we end up with kittens that little, we're tube feeding them. We went into a flurry of trying to bring him to a mother cat who had two-week-old kittens, but she rejected him; which was a surefire sign that he wasn't going to make it.

The first kitten of spring wasn't meant to be, but boy, am I going to have a hard time with April 1st and the Wednesday before Easter for a year or two...

He hadn't been doing well ever since we got him, and was struggling with eating and passing waste; he's not suffering anymore, but it was horrible what he went through, and it was horrible trying to get him through it and to watch it.
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By Any Means Necessary by Bat-Snake
By Any Means Necessary
I've been skimming the IDW TMNT comics.
Krang's backstory gives me feels. However, the backstory is pretty much focused exclusively on his relationship with his father, the ruler of the Utrom, who eventually bought the near destruction of their species. Never once is their a mention of his mother. So I made the assumption she was dead.

And as per usual, I went wild and came up with what I assumed happened. 
She was a military genius who came under Prince Quanin's favor, and eventually married him. She never really retired from the military even after becoming the Prince's wife, and intended to take a brief reprieve following the birth of her son Krang. Even with her military prowess, she was concerned with protecting the Utrom species and their empire, and before Krang was born, would have gladly died for it. Following that, she had to decide if she would prefer to die for her empire or live for her son.

Eventually there was an enemy ambush, and she was mortally wounded. Realizing how young Krang was, she struggled for life and demanded that he be there. Surprising the medics, she managed to stay alive days longer than they expected, but she eventually succumbed, while Prime Minister Quanin refused to let her die while holding their son. 

Krang grew up knowing minor details about his mother, and it only seemed to deeply bother him in his preadolescence, before moving on to bully his staff and not do anything useful (much to his father's disappointment). After he proved his usefulness by killing his father's greatest enemy, he dove into the military and politics. He was finally presented with the notes and journals of one of the previous Generals - his mother - and was fascinated with her ideals, and soon adopted them for himself, and in time, made them his own. 

In summary: Protect the Utrom by any means necessary.  


...Momma doesn't have a name quite yet. She still has quite a bit of fleshing out to do...including her actual flesh, considering it's all burned here. 
The Absent Mom by Bat-Snake
The Absent Mom
So, I've managed to read a little bit of the IDW Turtles comics, and of course, have attached myself to Krang. Who else would I glue to? 
His motivation of wanting to save his own species from extinction is noble, but I think after centuries of being the only one not dead or in hibernation drove him to the deep end and into wanting to complete his (emperor) father's work..which is what he initially set out to avoid doing because it doomed their people.

The flashbacks all have Krang struggling to either earn his father's respect or talk sense to his father, but never once is his mother seen, discussed, or mentioned. And it baffles me way, way more than it should. 

(I'm assuming she died shortly after his birth, whether it had been the effort of birthing him killing her, or by sheer horrible coincidence if Utrom are hatched)

ALSO this might be the first of many comic-type things with me making observations, or things that have happened. 
The mothers by Bat-Snake
The mothers
I'm going...I'm going down the rabbit hole! Going down the "Krangazoids are Krang's sons" road! Like Willie Wonka's Terror Tunnel I go!

I divided them between three mothers, all from political marriages, and divided how they're related by similar colors and personalities.

Melize is the first mother, a queen in her own right, and offered multiple rulers her territory, provided they defeated her in battle and married her. She has the combat might of ten Spartan women, and if you know anything about Spartan didn't screw around. Krang won a fight with her, by marginally outsmarting her. Their three sons are the most bombastic of the six, and certainly with the biggest presence. One is the most logical of his siblings and the head schemer; another is a muscle-minded powerhouse who frequently butts heads with his brother. The third is vain and narcissistic, and has every intention of staying away from his brothers when they all group together; it gets too wild for his taste. 

I haven't quite figured out Reka's origin quite yet, but her sons are twins that hatched from the same egg. In spite of being identical, their personalities are split. One was gloomy and morose, the other, a comic ham. 

Agla was the third, and was "given" by her father Gaurav, in an attempt for him to gain more political ground. She was the youngest, perhaps too young for Krang's standards. However, he felt that Gaurav was a jerk even by his standards, and whisked Agla away in hopes that he might be able to strengthen her education. Though technically of marrying age, she had only just reached biological adulthood when Krang married her, to his dismay. Initially, he didn't want to have any children with her until she was older, but caved do to his contract with her father. Agla only had a single child because she was so young, and like her, was shy and anxious. Unfortunately for Krang and Agla, Gaurav keeps sticking his nose in where they don't want it. Krang is especially chagrined by Gaurav's refusal to comprehend his eye for invention, and hates having to repeatedly refute that his machines are the source of his vast power. Krang thinks of him as a "backwards, brutish old man".

They're all left to their own devices. Krang discovered loopholes in his agreements that allowed his wives to have lovers. He likes them well enough, but isn't in love with them. He has a bit of a fan!crush on Melize, if only because of her sheer military might. Not a romantic crush, but a "Holy shit, I love what you did in the Battle of Importantplace! And that thing you did in the Field of Blah! <fanscream>" kind of crush. 

Next I might try to figure out how Krang got so powerful, besides multiple political alliances. But in short, I imagine it's because he outsmarted everyone. His species, though broken up in multiple kingdoms, holds a heavy brawn>brain mindset, though it varies from place to place - Agla's being the most muscle minded, Melize in the middle, and Reka practically being his assistant in intention...after Drakus of course.
Get out of my lab! by Bat-Snake
Get out of my lab!
Boy that looks familiar. 

Still playing around with my concept of Overlord!Krang. The tricky part of this was figuring out a starting design for a female of Krang’s species. So far the best I can get is smaller and less ornate in the frills.

Since this is in the beginning phase, I again repeat that his sons come from politically arranged marriages. This particular one, named Zade, was super political, and to Krang’s disgust, had only just come of age. Because she was so young, she was also incredibly foolhardy, and so set it upon herself to try to “fix” Krang. Obviously it doesn’t work one bit. He admires the confidence, but not the effort.

Zade has a tunnel vision as most fresh adults do, and so she doesn’t pay much attention to the fact that she’s about to waltz right into areas that require certain precautions, such as Krang’s labs. Needless to say, it doesn’t make her hopeless crusade any easier. 

Also, that clean suit must be a pain in the dorsal region to get into.

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