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Behold my strange range of art! From snakes, to the Animals of Farthing Wood and AdderXSinuous, to "Bone" and its Rat Creatures, to photos of my critters, to random fanart and giftart.

For snakes, quiche, and happiness!

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Favorites. Stuff I liked. Drawn by friends and other people. I think you can work out what 'favorites' are.
Well, I haven't updated in forever. Let's boogie.

I'm starting my last semester of college before I get my Associate of Arts, and I'm about to finish up raising three Christmas kittens.

Writing is being boggling, especially for Dalek 42, and my latest idea Skarosean Charity. Skarosean Charity takes place a few hundred years after the Daleks fail to release new- radiation on Skaro. The new generation of Daleks, wherever they came from, are developing the ability to leave their city. One of the testers strays too far and collapses. It is abandoned for dead, but is rescued and cared for weeks later by a Thal woman named Ferja. Trouble seizes when the Dalek returns to Ferja after it has recovered and been reunited with its own kind.

I basically just have the structure of the story, but not nearly enough characters to carry it. Especially the other Thals. I need more Thals! The best next I have in mind is Ferja's best friend Alet, but besides that, there's not much else. Specifically, I need

* The leader of Ferja's band
* The father(s??? Three at the most???) of Ferja's unsuccessful children. They are not her lovers. They're just baby daddies and her friends. In my mind, Ferja is a lesbian, but that is not focused on at all or just softly implied by the narrative. It's not really her first priority, but she knows that she feels more inclined toward other women as a whole. 
* Other men besides him/them
* Other women that Ferja associates with besides Alet. Not romantic interests, relating to the note above.
* Very few children, more young than older. Probably between four to six teenagers in Ferja's band. This is a point on Skaro where the radiation says "Oh, so you want to have children? Hahaha, well too bad!" and great struggle was had by all.

I'm holding out an idea bucket. I'll take whatever is offered.

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Shh! You hear that? Those are the gears in my head turning!


Dalek Types by Bat-Snake
Dalek Types
Various types of Daleks in different forms...including the Hammerheads from another universe

Technically the proto Daleks are the first after the Kaleds (presented with the teenage Davros), followed by the Daleks that are trapped inside the Kaled city. Just for fun, I made a hypothetical Thal hybrid that could be better developed. 
The "natural" second to the City Daleks are the infamous blobs of hate, whose decedents were the short lived imperials, and the Time War Daleks; For a while, they had human hybrids.

My New Skaro Daleks are descendants of the Time War, as well as the "New Kaleds" that they were desperately seeking to form. They also can have (fertile) hybrid offspring with Thals, as well as humans.

The Hammerheads are from another universe, and have their own recipe of that the Daleks of this universe would begrudgingly agree is wrong on several levels
Piety by Bat-Snake
It's no secret to the Thals that Ferja rescues a Dalek from starvation. They even support her nursing it back to more than one way, of course. Ferja spares it the indignity of treating it like a baby, though; she knows that's not a smart move to make. This doesn't stop either of them from blooming a filial bond.

Of the "Conquest Daleks" I've developed, Ferja's Dalek falls in love the fastest (though it's platonic love). His generation of Dalek would probably be more easily swayed, having not left Skaro yet and still having the most dependence on one another compared to their descendants. They'd find more use in intimate relationships, even if it's just to make their cabin fever more bearable.
New Skaro Daleks don't count, they've got ambition for love hardwired into them-but just for their own kind and a few exceptions...that are still Daleks.
Skarosean Charity roleplay by Bat-Snake
Skarosean Charity roleplay
For a single breath of time, amnesty came to Skaro...if only for a brief moment.

Roleplay between me and :iconsilverscales228: to figure out how the story plays through.

Made with DeviantArt muro
New Skaro sketches by Bat-Snake
New Skaro sketches
For the first time in a while, some New Skaro work. With an outline of one of the bird-like beasts that live in the swamp, notorious for killing Daleks in the swamp and being an overall nuisance and menace.

Based on the most recent redesign based on Tardigrades. Well, an attempt at it. 
The casings are closer to what I intend, but it still needs work. They're built soeley for transport across long distances, and the Daleks are perfectly capable of surviving outside of them. The New Skaro Daleks expect casings to be obsolete within ten generations. 

Gestation sacks are similar to molted Tardigrade skin. A Dalek looking to breed would wrap up old skin and deposit its gametes in it, then pass it off to someone else to put theirs in it. Either one of them will keep the sack, or agree to leave it to the care of those who work in the nursery.

I've also rewritten the origin of the New Skaro Daleks. There were thousands of scientists affiliated with the Cult of Skaro, and when the Time War emerged, they were ordered to flee as far as they could to preserve themselves. Sec, Caan, Thay, and Jast remained behind and sealed themselves in the Void Ship, but left dormant copies of themselves with their scientists before they were sent away. Upon the death of the original, the copy would activate with all of its memories. However, the Cult of Skaro lost contact with their scientists, and were quite certain that they and the copies had perished. In actuality, they went into space far beyond reach of the Daleks, making it impossible for communication to occur. From there, they started work to rebuild the Daleks into near-Kaleds.

After several hundred years, the copies activated. Thay and Jast were barricaded from attempting to destroy the new Daleks, and Sec isolated himself from them, working closely with New Skaro's geneticists. He took the aspiring and assertive Miar under his tutelage, who would soon become enamored with him. Sec is aware, and isn't sure if he can reciprocate, believing he lost his connection to a human mind; if he did, he wouldn't be feeling anything for anyone, let alone Miar. 
Skarosean Charity 2 by Bat-Snake
Skarosean Charity 2
More from Skarosean Charity. New Dalek design, based on the fact that they intending on walking once they were able to leave their casings, and the human/Dalek mutants from the short comic Metamorphosis. Since the novelization of The Daleks makes the opinion that static electricity kept the Daleks' hearts beating, they might have auxiliary life support on standby. The Dalek Ferja rescues wears the auxiliary life support while she is nursing it back to health (in more ways than one).

I worked on shapes on which to base off Ferja and other Thals on to have a better idea of their body shapes. Alet's could be at least different. Pernan and Denusk need more work, but I'm happy with Andano. Also a very loose idea of the few Thal children, of which the youngest is five years old. 

Finally, a rough sketch of the tent that the Thal troop sleeps in, and the slope that the Dalek collapsed down, causing such extreme damage that it was stranded; it nearly died until Ferja stumbled upon it.

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