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Behold my strange range of art! From snakes, to the Animals of Farthing Wood and AdderXSinuous, to "Bone" and its Rat Creatures, to photos of my critters, to random fanart and giftart.

For snakes, quiche, and happiness!

Random Favourites

Favorites. Stuff I liked. Drawn by friends and other people. I think you can work out what 'favorites' are.
On Monday, I started to take care of a newborn kitten that was separated from his mother. Unfortunately, this evening, he went into a rapid downhill decline, and I watched him die, time of death at 10:45 PM (central).

It was the worst thing I've ever watched.

When raising kittens this small, it's a bit of a crapshoot. Usually they just don't make it no matter how much you try. Next time we end up with kittens that little, we're tube feeding them. We went into a flurry of trying to bring him to a mother cat who had two-week-old kittens, but she rejected him; which was a surefire sign that he wasn't going to make it.

The first kitten of spring wasn't meant to be, but boy, am I going to have a hard time with April 1st and the Wednesday before Easter for a year or two...

He hadn't been doing well ever since we got him, and was struggling with eating and passing waste; he's not suffering anymore, but it was horrible what he went through, and it was horrible trying to get him through it and to watch it.
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Shh! You hear that? Those are the gears in my head turning!


Celebrate??? by Bat-Snake
Queer Daleks ain't got investment in history that doesn't apply to them. 
Dinotopia??? by Bat-Snake
I did some dinosaur stuff, mostly characters relating to the Dinotopia/Jurassic Park crossover that I'm working on with :iconsilverscales228:

Scheherazade, a deinonychus, Hennathoat - A T. Rex and Oktai, a Protoceratops. I'm especially proud of the painting of Oktai. 

I designed a random lady, and Penny...who just...isn't looking well. Maybe I shouldn't draw her lineless...otherwise she looks like a tasteless caricature of a Maori woman, rather than an actual Maori woman. 
Charity Sketches and others by Bat-Snake
Charity Sketches and others
Hey I'm in this one! Expressing 90% of my Dalek concepts!

I made a new design for the City-Trapped Daleks based of a hominid skull at my college. I should get a picture of it the next time I get a chance. The back skull plates had broken up and been pushed up, while the left eye ridge had been stretched out. Like nature screamed "fvck this fossil in particular!" at it. Maybe. It was weird. And tiny. And a model of the original bones. The jaws lined up, though. At this point, I'm trying to reduce cuteness as most of possible. So it's a wonder Ferja stuck with caring for her Dalek even after it no longer needed her. Also, the Dalek has a name. Which is Pruemth.

At some point, I'll get something up on what the Thals wear. My concept is unisex tunics that are all the same, save for maternity tunics which opens up on the chest. Because I really think the Thals were dressing like idiots when they helped the Doctor. "Hey. Let's all expose our extremities to our radioactive wasteland...while we're farming!" 

The hybrid needs more work, but it still absolutely takes after Thals more than Daleks, and maybe have Kaled inklings. 

I also loosely sketched Dalek X with his Heir, and the good ol' queer Daleks, who question why they even need a tent.
Love is a Dirty Word by Bat-Snake
Love is a Dirty Word
Inspired by the seven "Gay Daleks" shorts...which is not only dated, but also quite tasteless and containing many grades of "".
But, being the way I am, I adore the idea of "abnormal" Daleks. The concept of two Daleks having an attraction to one another, in a species that does not allow for such an event, was too great to resist. So I went along my way dragging down the (again, dated) flamboyancy and bringing up the risks. One of them was a Black Dalek...which is technically a very high-ranking Dalek. This would be scandalous and endangering to itself and its "consort", but it carries on anyway.

I've presented them as not only having neurological mutation that allows for some understanding of companionship, which is doubled by an enlarged skin gland that is basically the degenerate remains of sex organs, though totally useless. It just spits out their normal slime coating at high excitement points. Both mutations are rare, and the two together are even rarer. Chances are those that have both will not meet, but these two got lucky, and luckier still since one is in a position of power. Unfortunately for them, they lived during the Movellan Virus crisis, so the lower-ranking Dalek's first experience with faux-ejaculate was appropriately terrifying.

One of the things I really liked from the shorts was where the two Daleks go camping. The black Dalek comments on how nice the view is, then is aroused by the other exclaiming "Yes, I love (the) view!", mistaking it for "I love you" and considering it dirty talk. 

And then I couldn't resist a few human-Dalek mutation sketches (design from :icondalekmercy: ). Worked on separating their appearances from one another, though I don't know who the one in red is. Probably just not involved.

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I hope that you're having a great and safe time with your friends and family!

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He's okay; I haven't watched any of the movies in years, so I wouldn't have much to say.

I would prefer if you didn't make conversation on my actual page; if you want to talk, send me a note...but also do it if you really need to speak to me about something
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Hey Katie I've been thinking about what you about putting my ideas into one big story and I decided to make my own Season 4. However I might copy and paste the Reunion stories into the Season.
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That's fine. 
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